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English. Nonsense. Текст песни Let Me Say No!.

Текст (слова) песни «Let Me Say No!»

I just wanna get out of here
You keep me here like a bird in a cage

Let me say no! (Repeat softer)
When you tell me to go back in
Let me have a taste of freedom!
That I never had before
Of the air, that surrounds me
Let me say no!
I just wanna get out of here

How am I to find my happiness (long pause)

If you don't let me go (repeat)

Repeat Chorus

Don't say I can't say no!
'Cause I'm out of here
Oh yeah! Out of here!
Just don't say I can not
Can not say noooooooo!

Copyright © 2001 Nonsense

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