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English. Lord Belial. Текст песни Unholy Crusade.

Текст (слова) песни «Unholy Crusade»

Music: Dark, VassagoLyrics: Vassago, Dark

- Charge !!!
Warwinds, fragments of a passed life passes by
a new dimension arises
soul is sealed, but some scars can never heal
battlelust, slay with sword
a master is born, carefully caressed by female skin
lying in blood of womb, licking salt on sword
blood boils, the body is weak but is growing stronger
Born to create a new era of death and destruction
born to retake the crown once lost
born to gather forgotten legions
souls of warriors gathers again
...on towards the Unholy Crusade
Lacrimae Mundi

shall gather every ocean
a massive tide of unholy water shall flood away all souls
the born master summons the four horsemen of the apocalypse
to gather the souls of all fallen warriors
scattered souls are healed again, back to the strength they once possessed
Unholy crusade !
the forgotten legions are gathered, by the horsemen of the apocalypse
in each and every direction they ride, after the evergrowing tide
reaping and harvesting the souls of humans, retaking the world once lost
crushing all the feeble humans that never was meant to be
destroying all that was built by the feeble race of man
channeling the souls of the fallen, into the newborn master
his scars are healed and he receives full immortality

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