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English. Kevin Ceballo. Текст песни My First Love.

Текст (слова) песни «My First Love»

she was mi primer amor
the one i gave my heart to
everything i have
from deep within me
and one day she was gone
without even said a goodbye

i still wait to see her
though i try to forget her
the love that she gave me
the moment that we share
drive me crazy to find out
how she could be in someone's arms
other than mine

that is why...
i've been living without you
just trying to forget you

and other kisses after all this time
i can't believe i found you
baby talk to me please
move closer to me
my heart is calling

it says i love you
please let me love you
if we try once again
this time you won't go
cause i will show you
what i'm feeling for you
i still have you kisses
deep inside of me..

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