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English. Georgia Satellites. Текст песни Cool Inside.

Текст (слова) песни «Cool Inside»

All these sleeping dreams crack my spine
Eighteen wheels start to scream and whine
dreamed you was out on that one way line
come back baby it's cool inside

someone's talking is it someone else or is it me?
you swim or sink to the bottom of the sea
jump to the top and baby it's too high
come back baby it's cool inside

your eyes burn red, you don't dare blink
your throat's parched but you don't dare drink
your mind gets hazy, can't even think
you just stare straight ahead, try not to sink

green meaning go, stop shining red

little girl, you'd better not fuck with my head
don't pull my trigger baby, that's suicide
come back baby, it's cool inside

well, I'll be your mirror but that won't do no good
you see a house is a home but it's just made of wood
take it from me baby, you'll see it all by and by
come back baby, it's cool inside

(repeat chorus)

Time don't stop and it just goes by
and it don't matter if you like it and it don't matter if you cry
your heart burns when it steps on your pride
come back baby, it's cool inside.

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