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English. Gallery. Текст песни Fish.

Текст (слова) песни «Fish»

Every morning sun rays beam through the clouds and the sea
Winding down the current slowly reveals apathy
Nothingness is treading virtually blind in the rain
When a frantic purring motor unwinds on a freeway
I will breed you I will feed you tell me what will you do
I caress you I will bless you I will if you want to
Someone saw the fisherman and the fire in the sky
Burying those hurtful images deep in the sand
Still looking for the one who will really understand
But the night is covering mountains in valleys of green

I will fool you I will drool you I will blame you I will tame you
I can feel you I can heal you I can breath you I can reach you
I will freak you I will weak you I will move you I will save you
I will chain you I will brain you but I miss you wanna kiss you
Music, Lyrics: Andreas Vockrodt 1999
From the album: “S.M.IІ.L.E.” by Gallery

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