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English. Gallery. Текст песни Elevator Music.

Текст (слова) песни «Elevator Music»

You bring into the world a new sensation
Deliver mindfood as another bold relation
You carry in you're voodoo spell where all machines keep the authority
You flood the images of man with a disease or harmony

You gotta squeeze me
You gotta tease me
You gotta please me
You gotta feel me
You gotta face me
You gotta raise me
You gotta see me
You gotta hear me

You sell your range of goods and call it a creation
Somewhere the future lies without evaluation
Will you just pour the promises so deep into those veins

Is there a revolution with this knowledge when it gains

D'you wanna fool me
D'you wanna rule me
D'you wanne daze me
D'you wanna chase me
D'you wanna freeze me
D'you wanna squeeze me
D'you wanna lead me
D'you wanna get me

Music, Lyrics: Andreas Vockrodt 1996
From the album: “S.M.IІ.L.E.” by Gallery

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