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English. Gallery. Текст песни Downhill Livestock.

Текст (слова) песни «Downhill Livestock»

they say you will not get around
they talk about nutritious variations
they try to make you all believe a dreamer
they're closing in to hypnotize your whispering
why you think i'm still a believer
why you kiss mw and i think it's an illusion
why you turn away when i wanna know
why don't you remove the veil
all i see going down
what's the drain i got mine
what kind of mystery is plain in the news
unlike a prodigy it's coloured with abuse
no one to clear up somehow

no one to present a real solution
why is there no thought about the living
why don't you consider fate of the victims
why this play with people's gullibility
why you're drawing pictures of false beauty
what i see going down
watch the drain i got mine
they say you will get around
they say everything's alright
they name your problems a misunderstanding
wake up wake up look outside

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