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English. Gallery. Текст песни Bong.

Текст (слова) песни «Bong»

I feel like once again
Dreaming from just behind
Deep inside growing smoke
Push away all my thoughts
What you feel is always so unreal
Just believe in your vicinity
Don't agree your mind to slip away
Hold your anger underneath control
One more breath veiling me
Standing by my shadow
Trust me and I will guide
Through the mist in your eyes
What your hear is always so unreal
Don't let anybody entice you
They predict your life to be so dull
They don't incite you to free your mind
Bongyou got it
Some say the world will end soon
When light is melting in your palms

All our dreams disappear in the cold
One day your spiral dance is over
No flattery can ease your agony
So place a smile to the world
And release your dedication
Watch out don't dream
Stand up it's real
Give up your sighs
Get up it's life
Climb the stairway to your destiny
Touch the enigmas you want to solve
Raise your head when dust is in your eyes
Gather all the smoke you hold inside
Bongyou got it
Music, Lyrics: Andreas Vockrodt 1997
From the album: “S.M.IІ.L.E.” by Gallery

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