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English. Dungeonbat. Текст песни Angels In Traction.

Текст (слова) песни «Angels In Traction»

Prophetic -
know the day will come to break our fall -
undying -
through the years we stole the strength of fire -
and soon your convoluted truth -
shall come to surface in their eyes -
shall come to surface in the world -
we'll turn you out at each distortion -
we'll burn you out of each illusion -
we stalk this ‘hallowed' ground in tragedy -
unfit to wear the wings of your elite -
you spit the venom in our faces -
the holy war is joined in progress -
the war is joined -
the war is joined -

as you stare into the face of our truth -
know that we'll never ingest this infection -
the cage is shaking the joints come loose -
receive the consequence for misdirection -
we stand with backs turned at promises -
we know your walls can't endure our struggle -
your empty words have gone their distance -
you walk unhallowed barren ground -
unfit to wear these wings -
we spit the venom back -
know the day has come to break our fall -
fear the day we break this fucking fall

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