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English. Dream Death. Текст песни Black Edifice.

Текст (слова) песни «Black Edifice»

On the hill the dark house looms, softly calling me
Drawing me ever nearer, something for me to see?
Lurid voices call me, cannot resist and fight
Walk the wide staircase, day turns into night
The locked door opens, like magic, as if by my touch
The darkness greets me as if it were always such
The book is opened my name appears
I know I am welcome here

Up the stairs and to me room, my things have all be placed
Courtesy of destiny, arrangements made by fate
Into the ballroom the partisans dance
Waltz induced by death's romance

The music stops' the dancers turn
Join death's dance I will learn

The mirror casts no reflection, glass stars back at me
Fool of dark deception, a laugh blows through the trees

Death for entertainment can't you see
The fates have all been laughing at me
The masks have all been lifted, the charades at its end
Along with the others I realize now that I'm dead

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