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English. Cypress Hill. Текст песни Break Em' Off Some.

Текст (слова) песни «Break Em' Off Some»

This one goes out to all you punk motherfuckers out there
Yeah, eat a bowl of dick'up fools!
Do ya wanna get crazy?
Commin atcha in 93'!

Through the car swings
The fireing pins go click
when I duck behind the trash bin
Ran out
of ammo no doubt
my gatt is dry like a fuckin drought
got to make my way home
hit the gate and get my chrome
god damn this song
they got me cornered
lemme just warn ya
I'll pull this trigga make your family mourn'ya
where ya gonna run to
when I pull out the scooby do
let me break ya off some
hit the floor cuz it aint no fun
but here they come
they must wanna get done
No frontin'
punk I'll break ya off somethin!

1 2 3 that coppa goes down!
(break'em off some)

what the fuck I'm rollin
in a mack truck that's stolin
guess what I'm holdin
ammmo to bust my load
still I'm easin on down
The yellow brick road

Whatta ya know?
A pig in a plain brown wrapper
He wanna bring me down
I'll hit that corna
Lemme just warn ya
I'll bring ya ass down
make ya family mourn ya
21 gun saloot
trying to take my loot
don't make me shoot
I'll hit my blunt
and pass you a load
And punk
let me break ya of something

(break em' off some)

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