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English. Cream, The. Текст песни Deserted Cities of the Heart.

Текст (слова) песни «Deserted Cities of the Heart»

On this street, where time has died,
The whole new treat you never tried,
In times of old, in days gone by,
If I could catch a dancing eye.

It was on the way
On the road to dreams
Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah

The street is cold, its trees are gone,
The story's told the dark has won.
Once we set sail to catch a star,
We had to fail, it was too far.


I felt the wind shout like a drum,

You said, "My friend, love's end has come,
"It couldn't last, had to stop,
You drained it all to the last drop.

Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah

On this dark street the sun is black,
The winter life is coming back.
On this dark street it's cold inside,
There's no retreat from time that's died.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now my heart's drowned in no love streams, yeah.
Now my heart's drowned in no love.

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