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English. Crazy C. Текст песни Dead Presidents.

Текст (слова) песни «Dead Presidents»

Money's a self-inflicted man-made evil
intriguing how having loot can advance and deceive you
without it, jealousy bleeds through
conceives you, now greed runs through your veins too
drugs turn a lame group into an insane crew
rearranging their brains dude
cocaine's the prime suspect, and is subject to my respect
I've smoked the chronic
A year ago my man Joe got stuck in the snow
accelerated to fast and dug himself a hole
stole lil' Lukes deck, and found yourself in check
watching your life wreck, suddenly, it all connects
I got much love and respect bro
you got back on your ten toes
I'm glad your fu*@in' back Joe
attack all who oppose those enclosed in my stories
their my boys, and their too dangerous for your laboratories
ignoring your ignorance, cuz for you its a sixth sense
so you pretend your on a hunt
you ask why we get liquored up and smoke blunts
I'm trying to survive these harsh winter months
pullin' stunts like were heaven sent
all reachin' for them dead presidents

will somebody tame my brain and explain my confusion
I'm dillutioned from these illusions-
that my skin colors the solution to solving societies pollution
to tell you the truth when I hear these statements
I feel I've had a date with Satan
and was created to deflate the nation
I claim no direct relation to the devil
I rebel the church cuz I stand on a different level
trivial tales will tell
if you decide to sell your soul you'll go straight to hell

but oh well
some souls dwell in a similar land touched by evil
sippin' from the dream well
they determined who was the supreme race
and thanks to my face, I was put in my place
not to mention the devilish ligament between my legs
now I'm the dreaded white male, pale sippin' some ale
condemned to fail with no blessin'
and just a quick lil' lesson, don't bring that stress in
cuz we'll fu*@ you with the wesson

In all of life's battles it seems I can't win for losin'
got my mind on cruise control, but my hearts steady bruisin'
choosin' the proper path into the future
ain't exactly somethin' I want determined by a computer
Domestic feuds hurt, multiple individuals
usually it's moral conflicts that get ridiculed
I'm trying to shield my pride, but why
I sacrificed a lot of shit cuz I wanted to get high
I try not to lie cuz you can't incarcerate the truth
today's youth are time bombs stripped of their fuse
put my head in a noose
and kick the stool from beneath my feet
children watch out, mother goose is packin' heat
at least she's sleepin' safe with her piece embraced
all I got to go to bed with is some crumbled weed on my briefcase
I pace my tounge when spittin' my flows
cuz if I let that fu*@er go, it spins out of control

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