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English. Centinex. Текст песни Into the Funeral Domain.

Текст (слова) песни «Into the Funeral Domain»

Music: Schulman & WiklundLyrics: Schulman

Blinded by the fear
I'm trapped inside
The twilight
and the dark illusions drain
It will guide me
through the Northern storm
The wasteland of eternity
will reign

I... enter the funeral domain
On a neverending chaos we lay
And I enter the funeral... domain

You feed me with the flames
of burning hate
Memories of loss and cold desire
With silent steps I face my destiny
A land for the forsaken
shadow to be

A sorrowscape of my wonderland
Astral gleams where we weep

Beyond the grief infinity awaits
I carve me through
the shades of maze

I memorize the dreaming ones
I gather dark coldness
As the light evolves
I hide far away

The golden dawn is blazing bright
And I enter the mountain side
I grab my visions of eternity
And caress the strength of time

Hear the lake and waves
of a bleeding sleep
Enthroned spirits
of an evil damnation
Whispers seals the wonds
of my creation
Funeral of shredded souls domain

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