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English. Brutality. Текст песни When the sky turns black.

Текст (слова) песни «When the sky turns black»

Pale existence - Clouds encase the sky
Rain falls swiftly - Lightning smashes earth
Blackness expands - Doom lingers
Rebelling forces - Nature cleansing
Planet scum

Time has passed - Stones cracked
Tarnished with age
Overgrowth secludes the tombs in dark silent stance
Monument toppled - Washed away
Memories of dead adrift

Hollowness echoes - Shrieking sounds
Power increases - Levels extreme
Pounding jolts - Crash the hammer slams
Atmosphere in chaos - Life extracted

Evidence of death tolls - Choked in blinding fury
Ruthless assault - Generations destroyed
People lay wasted - Condemned
Struggling to live - Change for forgiveness

Lamenting slowly - Transcribing the texts
Shrouds uncovered - Energies aligned
Drawn into oblivion - Darkness unfolds
Epidemic proportions - Fire and brimstone

Running for cover - Souls embodied
Sky turns black - Breath is sifted
Out of lungs - Traumatic shock
Will of the gods - Pray to save us

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