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English. Brettell. Текст песни Something I Don't Know.

Текст (слова) песни «Something I Don't Know»

I’ve walked along
The strangest place
It seemed to remind me
of whats left of your face
I feel my nerves
It cant be beat
Sitting nearby you
Making me feel so incomplete
The little things
That I have learned
I’m getting wiser
And I need someone
To help me
I’ll tell you how
How things are wrong
I’m getting bored of the same things
That are being said

You came along
Of that I’m sure
Im feeling lonely
Cant you please try and
Teach me something
Is this the way
Of things to come
If this is so
Then I just don’t want to know
Then simple lies
What is the point
Im getting on
And yet I’ve got no one beside me
You tell me things

That I should now know
I’m getting bored of the same things
that’s being said
and so if you get another moment
Why don’t we learn
about things that we thought we would not know
There has never been a better time though
for something I don’t know
Tell me something I don’t know

I don’t believe
where have you gone
I’m getting on
yet I don’t have someone to agree on
You tell me when?
You’ll never let me in
I’m getting rid of
the things that remind me of you
If we have another moment
why don’t you know
talking about something that I don’t know
this will soon become the end of us though
there has got to be a better way, no
Something I don’t know, Something I don’t know

This will be the start of something new
so I will now learn, so I will now learn
Something I just don’t know, Something I just don’t know
Tell me something I just don’t know.

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