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English. BBMak. Текст песни Next Time.

Текст (слова) песни «Next Time»

I lie awake and die I try but can't deny
That I can make it without her
I can't forget the day I let her slip away
And I'm still dreaming about her
Can a heart forgive cos I just can't live without her

The next time you see my Girl
Won't you say that I, I would die, I would die to hold her
The next time you see my girl, won't you tell her I love her
The next time you see my girl

Maybe the next time
I walk the streets at night see lovers passing by
And it's all a reminder
Of what it used to be when she was here with me
I only wish I could find her

Did she disappear cos I'm waiting right here for her

I close my eyes I see her face and I realise
But in front of me I had it all but I set her free
Oh won't you tell her that I'm sorry
Tell her that I love her


Produced by Oliver Leiber for the Noise Club Inc.
Written by Leiber/Paul Peterson/John Shanks.
(Tattoing Ink/St Paul Music/EMI Music Publishing)

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