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English. Bass Plays Wrong, The. Текст песни It's not fair.

Текст (слова) песни «It's not fair»

Sally said:“It`s cold outside.“
Sally said:“I`m cold at night,
I need a light,
that warms me up,
a blancet and perhaps som grub.“
Mrs. Peters said:“It`s cold in the kitchen.“
Mrs. Peters said:“I`m cold through we`re rich` not,now kids come on,
let`s go shopping,
before I freeze,
I will buy anything.

Ref.: It`s not fair,
that I foundboth world
in one street.
They don`t share,
both are bound,

one is earl,
one is weak.

Sally said:“He`s ill, my lover,
he has no chance to recover,
would give him all, that I belong.
I have no cent, we must be strong.“
Mrs. Peters said:“I feel so bad,
my hesd acles strong I`m going mad.
I need a doctor now an immediately
Is none here who`s looking for me?


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