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English. Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution. Текст песни She Gone (Only In Dreams).

Текст (слова) песни «She Gone (Only In Dreams)»

He walks these streets sometimes until way past twelve.
His mind can't decide if he's in heaven, he just can't tell.
He sees her standing there smiling by the lamppost shine.
His heart can't remember ever feeling oh so fine.

She gone.
She not coming back no way.
She gone.
She not coming back to stay.
She gone.

And as she turns away his eyes lost in her back.
His feet continue down some ancient railroad track.

And right then, right there he sees that he's done wrong.
And as he opens his eyes, realizes that she gone.

Well she gone, she not coming back no way.
She gone, she not coming back to stay.
Well she gone, she never coming back again.
She gone, what's he gonna do till then?
She gone so far away. She gone.

Only in dreams.

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