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English. Annie Lennox. Текст песни Keep Young And Beautiful.

Текст (слова) песни «Keep Young And Beautiful»

What's cute about little cutie?
It's her beauty, not brains...
Old father time will never harm you
if your charm still remains...

After you grow old baby,
you don't have to be a cold baby...

Keep Young and Beautiful,
It's your duty to be beautiful...
keep young and beautiful,
if you want to be loved.

Don't fail to do your stuff

with a little powder and a puff.

Keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved.

If you're wise, exercise all the fat off,
take it off, off of here, off of there...
when you're seen anywhere with your hat off,
wear a Marcel wave in your hair...

Take care of all those charms,
and you'll always be in someone's arms
keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved.

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