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English. Anita Baker. Текст песни Mystery.

Текст (слова) песни «Mystery»

(Rod Temperton)
Turnin' back the hands of time
Holdin' on to misty memories
Chasin' shadows thru the night
Tryin' to find that happy ending
Reaching out for another chance
at heaven
We can still find the way if we try
You gotta believe in the mystery
How it used to be
We were more than lonely drifters
in the dark
Oh I can remember the sun inside
When love held us tight
Can't you see I need that magic in
my heart
Instead of it tearing apart
Diamonds shining in the night
Lyin' soft and warm together
Only images survive
Can't this dream go on forever?
There is still time to lock away
the sadness
Let the secrets of love start to

It's only believin' the mystery
Like it used to be
Baby bring back all the passion to
my life
Oh don't you remember all the tender
All the love we made
Can't we feel that warm sensation
here tonight
Lonely spirits seem to whisper in
the wind
It's a silent song that's never
meant to be
Since the dawn of time the
mystery never ends
We can find forever
If we let love rise again
Won't you reach for another
chance at heaven
We can still find the way if we try
Repeat Chorus

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