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English. Roch Voisine. Текст песни With These Eyes.

Текст (слова) песни «With These Eyes»

With these eyes
I've held you in my arms
And love was all I had
But you had to end it all
With these eyes
I've stood out in the rain
I've listened for your call
That never came at all
With these eyes you're everything to me
Without your love I'd wind up down upon my knees
With these eyes I've learned from my mistakes
That a sad song doesn't care whose heart it breaks.

With these eyes
I'm feeling out of touch
I've waited patiently

for you whos love I miss so much
With these eyes
I've watched you turn away
with nothing left to give and nothing more to say.


And though my love for you runs so deep
It doesnt mean that you and I are sharing the same dream
If only I could listen to your words and not my heart
You try to spare my feelings
but you're tearing me apart.


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