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English. Lost Prophets. Текст песни Last Train Home.

Текст (слова) песни «Last Train Home»

[Verse 1]
To every broken heart in here,
Love was once a part but now its disappeared,
She told me that its all part of the choices that you make,
Even when you think you're right you have to give to take.

But there's still tomorrow,
Forget the sorrow,
And i can be on the last train home.
Watching past the day,
As it fades away,
No more time to care,
No more time today.

But we sing,
If we're going nowhere,
Yeh we sing,

If its not enough,
And we sing,
Sing without a reason to ever fall in love.

[Verse 2]
I wonder if you're listening,
Picking up all the signals sent back from within,
Sometimes it feels like i don't really know whats going on,
Time and time again it feels like everything is wrong...in here




[Chorus x2]

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