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English. John Miles. Текст песни Overture.

Текст (слова) песни «Overture»

Sad and lonely is a place I've been
Lost forever in a young boy's dream
Taking chances that won't come again
Thinking back was I so happy then

Who's behind me now I've come so far
Living up to what they say you are
Crowds of people queue to see my show
Scared to face it - but how could they know

Take a look at the young man
Laughing out loud at the fool
Pay the price tomorrow
Breaking every rule
Take a look at the old man
Going back in time with a sigh
All he's got is yesterday
He's living just to die

Take a look at the wise man
Keepin' both his fett on the ground
Needs no one to change him
Turn his head around
Take a look at the weak man
Could he ever stand on his own

Waiting for the day to come
When he'll be all alone

Take a look at the blind man
Wishing everyday he could see
Lives his life in darkness
Be grateful you and me
Take a look at yourself now
Standing with your back to the wall
Pride will get you nowhere fast
We're waiting for the fall

Once a whisper that was never heard
People listening to every word
Life is changing in so many ways
Out of darkness into better days

Now the empty seats as people rise
Lights are fading and the memory dies
Lost in silence as I stop and stare
Leving ghostly echoes everywhere

The overture is over but for me it's just begun

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