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English. Gus Gus. Текст песни Barry.

Текст (слова) песни «Barry»

Do you remember when we had all?
When we floated in waves of water?
You were something, something tall (and slick),
I like your style, the way we move together.

We were dancing through doorways and motels,
in hot summer day, it was July.
Streets of Angels, Streets of Freedom.
But you probably may know why.

Do you remember the singing, the dancing? Oh..
The curly waves, the lovely jokes you said.
Me there waiting at sound of desire,

less talk, you always said, makes you a man.

Oh Barry, you should have danced with me all night long, all night long, yeah,
'cause you've got so much to give, oh you...light my lick...

There are times when I had to know, had to know, oh baby

you had so much to give, to give. Oh babe, it's you...

You should have danced with me...

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