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English. Georgia Satellites. Текст песни Days Gone By.

Текст (слова) песни «Days Gone By»

(ricks part)
Don't let this dream stop it feels so right
nothing means nothing when the dark turns light
let me wonder crazy and stumble back through the night
head in the clouds with a hundred dollar bill
nobody keeps score when it's time to kill
and I oughta know better I can never buy me a thrill

and the memory comes back to me
bring me back to days gone by
and I can't pretend they'll come back again
and I know too much, way too much to ask why
you know I can't ask why

(dan's part)
oh let it fall down and shine it's sweet light on me
as Richards tells a story every word he says has set me free

(rick and dan)
like a dream that's fading you can't catch when it's gone
like a perfect night that's broken by dawn
like everything you wanted out of reach from now on
six out of seven still leaves you one shy
you can look forever and never know why
and it's time, it's time and the bottle just ran dry

(repeat chorus)

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