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English. Gasolin'. Текст песни This Is My Life.

Текст (слова) песни «This Is My Life»

This is my life
This is my life
this is my time
you show me the light
and I go there.

Give me the wine
bitter and sweet
and a little bit of bread
that's all I need.

No, I don't want the gold from Xanadu
I think I leave it all to you
this is my life and I don't care.

This is my street,
are you restless feet
carry me on to anywhere.

Take the fear
take it away
and give me some hope
for one more day.

I saw a ghost behind the door
when the kids were coming home from the war
with broken dreams and nothing more.

I heard a woman singing her song
and it was good and warm and strong
She made me cry I don't know why.

I don't want to bring you down
I think it's good to be here
this is my life and I don't care!

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