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English. Gary Lewis. Текст песни Girls In Love.

Текст (слова) песни «Girls In Love»

Gary Lewis & the Playboys

Speaking of all those girls in love
With a guy in their eye, they're lookin' so adorable
Gee, I want one for me

Since the world's made of all those girls in love
It's a factuality one is bound to fall in love with me one day

You gotta live each day with this logical philosophy
Come with me; she'll come in time
'Cause I found out that love is not supposed to be mine

Till I find her & I'll find her

If I fall in love & the girl's in love
Then I wait for the day when I say that I'm thinkin' I do
If the girl's in love too


(repeat bridge & verse 3)

From: Collins Crapo

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