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English. Evildead. Текст песни Global Warming.

Текст (слова) песни «Global Warming»

(Music: J. Garcia, A. Gonzales /
Lyrics: J. Garcia)
Few care about environment in the U.S.A.
Propaganda controls,
Pollutants in the atmosphere,
Malathion in our air
Mutant race developing,
Hypodermic sewage on shorelines,
Oil spills in the sea
Marine life disappears,
Extermination we contend,
Vanishing life we see
Reality's nightmare,
Environmental litigations,
Hazardous contamination
Lost cause situation,
Power plants pump the waste,
Dump sites overwhelm
Wildlife deteriorating.
Cars polluting / All our air /
Smog fills / Our lungs to hell
Politicians / Don't really care /
End this crisis
They never will.
Rapid pollution of the sea
Sewage falling out of greed
Global warming! Nationwide situation

Harmful waste! Nuclear cultivation
Garbage overflows...
..From land to shining sea
We deserve what we create,
In the Land of the Free
Toxic waste, generations harvest
Carbon dioxide in the air
That we breathe
In the air that we breathe!
Lead: DF
Global warming! Nationwide situation
Harmful waste! Nuclear cultivation
Nitrogen oxide, cancerous affliction
We deserve what we create
In the Land of the Free
Ultra violet / Radiation /
Groundwater / Contamination
Oil refineries / Spew the carbons /
Lung damage
Ozone depletion!
Global warming...
..Making profits all they care
Global warming...
..Clean air act is not enough

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