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English. Everdark. Текст песни The Autumn Burning.

Текст (слова) песни «The Autumn Burning»

The Dying Season Is Upon You
First Born Giveth Unto Death
Like Tree Leaves Descending
Your Falling Soul Wanders Downward

I Congregate Within The Blackness
And Hear My Master On The Wind
He Speaks Of Death And Scornfulness
A Flame Inside Ignited By Equinox

This Is The Season Of Dying
When The Leaves Turn Crimson
It Marks The Cycles Ending
And Time For The Living To Die
Their Infant Sacrifice - I Offer Unto Thee
Merciless, Bitter And Cold - Like An Autumn Breeze
Pluto Come And Ascend - Lord Of One Dead!

King Of Hell!!

Enchanter Of Dreams
Master Of All Human
Decayer Of False Believers
Enslaver Of Throneless Heaven
I Burn With Hate
Consumed By Autumn's Call
Feel The Fires Burn
And Come Burn With Me!

The Autumn Burning Graves
Lord Dis, I Obey Your Call
All For You, The Autumn Burning
Come Burn With Me!!

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