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English. Dungeonbat. Текст песни The Spiral Rises.

Текст (слова) песни «The Spiral Rises»

Believe in nothing -
hand in hand in hand -
betrayed by promise -
this isn't going as planned -
buy into a dream -
you never had -
consume the addictions -
which merit the mad -
i will not walk in your world -
i will not kneel in your world -
i don't have a choice in this world -
i don't have a voice in this world -
and at the end of the day -
i hope you like what you see -
and at the end of the end -
i hope you love what you lived -

material altar -
material fraud -
the latest in fashion -
the latest in god -
our deviant struggle -
may not be heard -
you can erase the prophet -
but never his word -
and at the end of the day -
i know you'll count what you own -
and at the end of the end -
i know you'll die alone -
all we need is here -
all we need, within

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