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English. Drowing Dogz In Heat. Текст песни Ode Of Lindsey Parker.

Текст (слова) песни «Ode Of Lindsey Parker»

Lindsey why did you have be a whore.
Thats why I walked out through the door.
So now you can say what you want but nothing is gona change.

I know you wana bong with your thong .
Fuck you.
Glad I dumped you.

Now im gone , i'm done. I better run.
I've got to get out of this place dont try and chase theres no oh way.
I wont stay.

Oh you had to french your friend.
That made it the end.
His name is twettle dick it makes me really sick.
It must have been a trick.
Its sick to think of you.
It makes me wana spew.

Your a slut but your like a deer in rut.
You chose him to make me mad but it really made you sad.
Fuck you.
Glad I dumped you.

Witch,Twitch stupid Bitch.

I guess its true you did him on the pew.

You wasted your time fingering yourself to me.
I gotta pee.

Take over Jake don't twirl your snake.
Sup my name is Jake i gotta long snake take sneek peek and you will see a big peek.

I have some things to say bout Lindsey.
You got little tits.
They look like demplites.
Probubly got a harry crack.
ill hand it back to Zac.
Fuck you.
Glad Zac dumped you.

Im back its Zac.
One more thing Whore.
FFFFuuuucccckkkk yyyyoooouuuu!!!!!

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