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English. Dream Academy. Текст песни Life In A Northern Town.

Текст (слова) песни «Life In A Northern Town»

These are the words as best as I could figure them out from listening
to the tape. .

The salvation army band played.
And the children drank lemonade.
And the morning lasted all day, all day.
And through an open window came,
like Sinatra in a younger day.
Pushing the town away...
...Life in a Northern town.

He sat on a stony ground.
And he took a cigar out.
And everyone else came down to listen.
He said in Winter 1963

Everyone thought the world would freeze,
With John F. Kennedy and the Beatles.
...Life in a northern town.
All of the world struck down.

In the evening we'd talk too late. .
Watch the water run down the drain.
As we followed him down to the station xtion.
And though he never rode away goodbye e
You could see it written in his eye,
As the train rolled out of sight, bye bye. .

Life in a northern town..

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