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English. Crazy C. Текст песни Chapter Three.

Текст (слова) песни «Chapter Three»

I kick back and eat a mushroom cap
relax, and anticipate realities collapse
perhaps, I'll never leave this state of mind that I'm at
I find some cats chillin-straight spittin' some raps
I start trippin' at last
so I joined their freestylin'
you wouldn't believe the shit my mind was compilin'
my lyrics turned violent
my actions followed suit
I recommend silence or expect a dispute
mutha fuckaz confused by my altered attitude
so I battle fools, till I achieve complete gratitude
I'm an erratic dude, plus a weed addict too
you caused static while I was trippin' and your life turned to ruins
I devise a way to infiltrate your fucking platoon
and thanks to the shrooms, I'll be chillin' on the moon
to bad I'm on the dark side feeling marooned
bumpin' natural born killers in my personal tomb
doom and animosity have caused so atrocities
like Socrates philosophies
I analyze your hypocracies
My lyrical velocity will conquor any fucking beat
fuck with me and get your ass drowned in the dead sea

REFRAIN:(TBD?)Were gonna do this here
And were gonna do this right
I'm narrorating chapter 3

so give me the fucking mic

I walk into a crowded room
resembling an Egytian tomb
I tip the bottle of doom and soon my minds consumed
the liqour blooms and conqours my brain waves
so I improvise with these wicked days
attacking conformist with stray bullets from a.k.'s
blazin' herb till I reach that purple haze stage
enraged, I write page after page
about my attempts to escape this cage
my pen exploding like a high caliber guage gun
no one respects where I'm coming from
but I aint done,
I master you bastards by attacking like a fascist
passive rappers are nothing but hip hop actors
after hearing your lyrics I'm filled with laughter
give me the mic, so I can recite an extended chapter
where I capture your soul and shred it like a blood thirsty raptor
stick your reminicse in the trash compactor
and watch you crumble like a cracker
snatch you out of your reality faster than a car jacker

I'm a new vanilla flavored rapper

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