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English. Crazed. Текст песни Big Mistake.

Текст (слова) песни «Big Mistake»

I understand you've been anticipating this rhyme for a while now
let me explain, how I felt my way through this game like a blind child
story begins mild, as I was born in Golden Valley
Born to Be Wild was my contagious mentality
a year later the faculty caught my reality
that hospital actually turned into an insane asylum
Although I've never really been violent
my thoughts are extravagant
and when expressed they're ravishin' this worlds establishments
my battle pens compatible to rattle snake venom
condemning my lyrics cuz their provoking your rhythm

I remain unforgiven, for ideas I'm deliverin' in various forms
commonly disguised as thorns and scorned for it's rebellious storm
I hope they morn when I'm gone for the knowledge I've brung

B.L.H.S., I must confess
I'm not impressed with this address
I must express my belief most these people are mad fresh

I'm the baddest M.C., this towns seen, with no contest
to be honest, my B-ball team attacks like piranhas
our structures built of Ivory, but we all contribute bomb shit
Usually my lyrics are ferocious
tear apart your sculpture like vultures
but I'm restricted from using adult words
shots out to my man D, Ghetto Joe, and Rainman
Richard, Ed, Brad, Justin, Louie, yo, thats my insane clan
runnin' wild on the Earth's mainland, now understand
I grab the mic and watch the celebration commence
ignoring them non-sense ignorant comments
shoot through you like comets when I'm dropping these bomb hits
I didn't know this town could even exist, but as you see
It consist, of similar individuals
Like me, who practice, some of the same rituals
submit to you this masterpiece
much love to my lil' mousie, for keepin' it real

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