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English. Be Bop Deluxe. Текст песни Heavenly Homes.

Текст (слова) песни «Heavenly Homes»

The stars are burning and the moon is shining bright,
This world is turning underneath this canopy of night...
Somewhere tomorrow warms the distance
with the light of dawn,
You yawn, my love,
Your eyes are growing tired,
The dawn must come although we will deny it...
I'd like to hold you here beneath these clouds of darkest blue...
It could be a million years before the day comes creeping through,
But in the meantime
Let the moonshine shine

I'm fine, my love, but tell me,
How are you...?
You know that in the end it all comes true...
Heavenly homes are hard to find,
Heavenly thoughts in heavenly minds
Are not the worlds' design.

From Phil Brookes

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