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English. Basedow. Текст песни Fat.

Текст (слова) песни «Fat»

Oh my fuckin' god!!
What a sight you are!
God damn you're so big
and fat. Oh man, I can't
believe you just ate a
rat!! Fuckin' christ man!!

You fat fuck, you fat fuck
I bet you drive a big dump
truck! Holy shit you're so
fat, holy shit, at least you
don't have hair on your back!!

Stay away from me, I wanna
live. I don't feel like being
your meal of the day. What
can I say? I mean, you're fat!

You fat fuck, holy fuckin' shit!
You're a the fattest bitch I've
ever seen, you're the fattest

bitch, you're the queen. Call
Richard Simmons, you need
some help, he can help you
lose some pounds, he can
help walk on the ground (with-
out a problem that is)

Shit man I've seen fat people
before but you destroy them
all. What would you do if I
hid some food from you? you'd
probably eat me instead!

Holy fuckin' shit you're fat!!

(Dedicated to Rosie O'Donnall for
being a bitch!! Basedow don't
like you)

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