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English. Barlowgirl. Текст песни Five Minutes of Fame.

Текст (слова) песни «Five Minutes of Fame»

It was common story, yeah who cares that I changed?
Why are people freaking out?
Maybe I gave in more than I should, maybe I sold out
But the truth was I was really getting no wehre until I woke up and found
THat morals can't teake you up to the top of your strandars pull you down

Was it worth it what I gave away
For five minutes of fame
Minutes over no one knowns myu name
or five minutes of fame

A always said the thing that meant the most to me was my very integrity
Who would have though I'd ever trade it all for popularity

'Cause the truth is though ive made it to top im anything but satisfied
I gave up the only thing that mattter for this empty life


This time Im saying no
This world will know what i believe in
I've last enough to know
That life's too short to waste it


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