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English. Barbra Streisand. 350 текстов песен.
(Have I Stayed) Too Long At The Fair'Look At That Face05.09.2013 г.
(They Long To Be) Close To You05.09.2013 г.
A Child Is Born05.09.2013 г.
A Kid Again'I'm Five05.09.2013 г.
A Love Like Ours05.09.2013 г.
A Man I Loved05.09.2013 г.
A Piece Of Sky05.09.2013 г.
A Quiet Thing ' There Won't Be Trumpets05.09.2013 г.
A Sleepin' Bee05.09.2013 г.
A Taste Of Honey05.09.2013 г.
Absent Minded Me05.09.2013 г.
After The Rain05.09.2013 г.
Alfie05.09.2013 г.
All I Ask Of You (Theme From The Phantom Of The Opera)05.09.2013 г.
All In Love Is Fair05.09.2013 г.
All That I Want05.09.2013 г.
America The Beautiful05.09.2013 г.
Answer Me04.10.2013 г.
Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home04.10.2013 г.
Aprиs Un Rкve04.10.2013 г.
As If We Never Said Good-Bye04.10.2013 г.
As Time Goes By04.10.2013 г.
Ask Yourself Why04.10.2013 г.
Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen04.10.2013 г.
Autumn04.10.2013 г.
Autumn Leaves04.10.2013 г.
Avinu Malkeinu04.10.2013 г.
Baby My Baby04.10.2013 г.
Be My Guest (with Judy Garland and Ethel Merman)04.10.2013 г.
Beau Soir04.10.2013 г.
Beautiful04.10.2013 г.
Being Alive04.10.2013 г.
Being At War With Each Other04.10.2013 г.
Best I Could04.10.2013 г.
Between Yesterday And Tomorrow04.10.2013 г.
Bewitched (Bothered And Bewildered)04.10.2013 г.
Brezairola04.10.2013 г.
By The Way04.10.2013 г.
Cabin Fever04.10.2013 г.
Can You Tell The Moment04.10.2013 г.
Can't Help Lovin' That Man04.10.2013 г.
Children Will Listen04.10.2013 г.
Clear Sailing04.10.2013 г.
Clopin Clopant04.10.2013 г.
Come Back To Me04.10.2013 г.
Come Rain Or Come Shine04.10.2013 г.
Come To The Supermarket (In Old Peking)04.10.2013 г.
Cry Me A River04.10.2013 г.
Cryin' Time (with Ray Charles)04.10.2013 г.
Dank Sei Dir Herr04.10.2013 г.
Deep In The Night04.10.2013 г.
Didn't We?04.10.2013 г.
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (with Harold Arlen)04.10.2013 г.
Don't Believe What You Read04.10.2013 г.
Don't Ever Leave Me'Monologue (Dialogue)'Come Back To Me04.10.2013 г.
Don't Like Good-Byes04.10.2013 г.
Don't Rain On My Parade04.10.2013 г.
Down With Love04.10.2013 г.
Draw Me A Circle04.10.2013 г.
Emotion04.10.2013 г.
Evergreen04.10.2013 г.
Everybody Says Don't04.10.2013 г.
Fine And Dandy04.10.2013 г.
Folk Monologue04.10.2013 г.
For All We Know04.10.2013 г.
Free Again04.10.2013 г.
Free The People04.10.2013 г.
Funny Girl04.10.2013 г.
Get Happy'Happy Days Are Here Again (with Judy Garland)04.10.2013 г.
Glad To Be Unhappy04.10.2013 г.
God Bless The Child04.10.2013 г.
Good Night04.10.2013 г.
Gotta Move04.10.2013 г.
Gounod's Ave Maria04.10.2013 г.
Grandma's Hands04.10.2013 г.
Guava Jelly04.10.2013 г.
Guilty (with Barry Gibb)04.10.2013 г.
Hands Off The Man (Flim Flam Man)04.10.2013 г.
Happy Days Are Here Again04.10.2013 г.
Hatikva04.10.2013 г.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas04.10.2013 г.
He Touched Me04.10.2013 г.
Heart Don't Change My Mind04.10.2013 г.
Hello Dolly04.10.2013 г.
Here We Are At Last04.10.2013 г.
Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes?04.10.2013 г.
Honey Pie04.10.2013 г.
House Of Flowers04.10.2013 г.
How Does The Wine Taste?04.10.2013 г.
How Much Of The Dream Comes True?04.10.2013 г.
I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight04.10.2013 г.
I Believe'You'll Never Walk Alone04.10.2013 г.
I Can Do It04.10.2013 г.
I Can See It04.10.2013 г.
I Don't Break Easily04.10.2013 г.
I Don't Care Much04.10.2013 г.
I Don't Know Where I Stand04.10.2013 г.
I Finally Found Someone04.10.2013 г.
I Found You Love04.10.2013 г.
I Got Plenty Of Nothin'04.10.2013 г.
I Got Rhythm04.10.2013 г.
I Had Myself A True Love04.10.2013 г.
I Hate Music04.10.2013 г.
I Have A Love'One Hand One Heart (with Johnny Mathis)04.10.2013 г.
I Have Dreamed'We Kiss In A Shadow'Something Wonderful04.10.2013 г.
I Know Him So Well04.10.2013 г.
I Loved You04.10.2013 г.
I Loves You Porgy ' Porgy I's Your Woman Now (Bess You Is My Woman)04.10.2013 г.
I Never Had It So Good04.10.2013 г.
I Never Has Seen The Snow04.10.2013 г.
I Never Meant To Hurt You04.10.2013 г.
I Stayed Too Long At The Fair04.10.2013 г.
I Wish You Love04.10.2013 г.
I Won't Be The One To Let Go05.09.2013 г.
I Won't Last A Day Without You04.10.2013 г.
I Wonder As I Wander04.10.2013 г.
I'll Be Home04.10.2013 г.
I'll Know (with Marlon Brando)04.10.2013 г.
I'll Tell The Man In The Street04.10.2013 г.
I'm All Smiles04.10.2013 г.
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows04.10.2013 г.
I'm Still Here'Everybody Says Don't'Don't Rain On My Parade04.10.2013 г.
I'm The Greatest Star04.10.2013 г.
I've Been Here04.10.2013 г.
I've Dreamed Of You04.10.2013 г.
I've Got No Strings04.10.2013 г.
I've Never Been In Love Before04.10.2013 г.
If I Close My Eyes04.10.2013 г.
If I Could04.10.2013 г.
If I Didn't Love You04.10.2013 г.
If I Never Met You04.10.2013 г.
If You Could Read My Mind04.10.2013 г.
If You Ever Leave Me (with Vince Gill)04.10.2013 г.
If You Were The Only Boy In The World04.10.2013 г.
In Trutina04.10.2013 г.
Is It A Pity?04.10.2013 г.
It Had To Be You04.10.2013 г.
It Must Be You04.10.2013 г.
It's A New World04.10.2013 г.
Jenny Rebecca04.10.2013 г.
Jingle Bells?04.10.2013 г.
Johnny One Note'One Note Samba'I Got Rhythm04.10.2013 г.
Jubilation04.10.2013 г.
Jule Styne04.10.2013 г.
Just A Little Movin'04.10.2013 г.
Just In Time04.10.2013 г.
Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now04.10.2013 г.
Kiss Me In The Rain04.10.2013 г.
Lascia Ch'io Pianga04.10.2013 г.
Lazy Afternoon04.10.2013 г.
Le Mur04.10.2013 г.
Left In The Dark04.10.2013 г.
Lessons To Be Learned04.10.2013 г.
Let Me Go04.10.2013 г.
Let The Good Times Roll04.10.2013 г.
Letters That Cross In The Mail04.10.2013 г.
Life On Mars04.10.2013 г.
Life Story04.10.2013 г.
Like A Straw In The Wind04.10.2013 г.
Little Tin Soldier04.10.2013 г.
Lost Inside Of You (with Kris Kristofferson)04.10.2013 г.
Love04.10.2013 г.
Love And Learn04.10.2013 г.
Love Breakdown04.10.2013 г.
Love Comes From Unexpected Places04.10.2013 г.
Love In The Afternoon04.10.2013 г.
Love Is A Bore04.10.2013 г.
Love Is Like A New Born Child04.10.2013 г.
Love Light04.10.2013 г.
Love Theme From 'Eyes Of Laura Mars' (Prisoner)04.10.2013 г.
Lover Come Back To Me04.10.2013 г.
Luck Be A Lady04.10.2013 г.
Lullaby For Myself04.10.2013 г.
Ma Premiиre Chanson04.10.2013 г.
Make Believe04.10.2013 г.
Make It Like A Memory04.10.2013 г.
Make No Mistake He's Mine (with Kim Carnes)04.10.2013 г.
Make The Man Love Me04.10.2013 г.
Martina04.10.2013 г.
Marty The Martian04.10.2013 г.
Maybe04.10.2013 г.
Medley (From Color Me Barbra)04.10.2013 г.
Medley (from My Name Is Barbra Two)04.10.2013 г.
Medley: My Buddy'How About Me04.10.2013 г.
Memory04.10.2013 г.
Miss Marmelstein04.10.2013 г.
Moanin' Low04.10.2013 г.
Mondnacht04.10.2013 г.
Monologue04.10.2013 г.
Moon River04.10.2013 г.
More Than You Know04.10.2013 г.
Morning After04.10.2013 г.
Mother04.10.2013 г.
Move On04.10.2013 г.
Much More04.10.2013 г.
My Coloring Book04.10.2013 г.
My Father's Song04.10.2013 г.
My Favorite Things04.10.2013 г.
My Funny Valentine04.10.2013 г.
My Heart Belongs To Me04.10.2013 г.
My Honey's Loving Arms04.10.2013 г.
My Lord And Master04.10.2013 г.
My Man04.10.2013 г.
My Melancholy Baby04.10.2013 г.
My Name Is Barbra04.10.2013 г.
My Pa04.10.2013 г.
Natural Sounds04.10.2013 г.
Never Give Up04.10.2013 г.
Never Will I Marry04.10.2013 г.
New York State Of Mind04.10.2013 г.
Niagra04.10.2013 г.
No Easy Way Down04.10.2013 г.
No More Songs For Me04.10.2013 г.
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)05.09.2013 г.
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (with Donna Summer)04.10.2013 г.
Nobody's Heart (Belongs To Me)04.10.2013 г.
Not While I'm Around04.10.2013 г.
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)04.10.2013 г.
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (Live From Central Park)04.10.2013 г.
On Holy Ground04.10.2013 г.
On My Way To You04.10.2013 г.
On Rainy Afternoons04.10.2013 г.
Once Upon A Summertime04.10.2013 г.
One Less Bell To Answer'A House Is Not A Home05.09.2013 г.
One Less Bell To Answer'A House Is Not A Home (with Barbra Streisand)04.10.2013 г.
One More Night04.10.2013 г.
One More Time Around04.10.2013 г.
Opening Remarks04.10.2013 г.
Ordinary Miracles04.10.2013 г.
Over The Rainbow04.10.2013 г.
Papa Can You Here Me?04.10.2013 г.
People04.10.2013 г.
Piano Practicing04.10.2013 г.
Pieces Of Dreams04.10.2013 г.
Promises04.10.2013 г.
Punky's Dilemma04.10.2013 г.
Putting It Together04.10.2013 г.
Quiet Night04.10.2013 г.
Right As The Rain04.10.2013 г.
Run Wild04.10.2013 г.
Sam You've Made The Pants Too Long04.10.2013 г.
Second Hand Rose04.10.2013 г.
Send In The Clowns04.10.2013 г.
Shake Me Wake Me (When It's Over)04.10.2013 г.
Simple Man04.10.2013 г.
Since I Don't Have You04.10.2013 г.
Since I Fell For You04.10.2013 г.
Sing'Happy Days Are Here Again04.10.2013 г.
Sing'Make Your Own Kind Of Music04.10.2013 г.
Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night)04.10.2013 г.
Some Enchanted Evening04.10.2013 г.
Some Good Things Never Last04.10.2013 г.
Someday My Prince Will Come04.10.2013 г.
Someone That I Used To Love04.10.2013 г.
Someone To Watch Over Me04.10.2013 г.
Something So Right04.10.2013 г.
Something's Coming04.10.2013 г.
Somewhere04.10.2013 г.
Songbird04.10.2013 г.
Soon It's Gonna Rain04.10.2013 г.
Space Captain04.10.2013 г.
Speak Low04.10.2013 г.
Speak To Me Of Love04.10.2013 г.
Splish Splash04.10.2013 г.
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most04.10.2013 г.
Starting Here Starting Now04.10.2013 г.
Stay Away04.10.2013 г.
Stoney End04.10.2013 г.
Stout-Hearted Men04.10.2013 г.
Summer Me Winter Me04.10.2013 г.
Superman04.10.2013 г.
Supper Time04.10.2013 г.
Sweet Inspiration'Where You Lead04.10.2013 г.
Sweet Zoo04.10.2013 г.
Sweetest Sounds04.10.2013 г.
Take A Chance On Love04.10.2013 г.
Tell Him05.09.2013 г.
Tell Him (with Celine Dion)04.10.2013 г.
That's A Fine Kind O'Freedom04.10.2013 г.
The Best Gift04.10.2013 г.
The Best Thing You've Every Done04.10.2013 г.
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)04.10.2013 г.
The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs04.10.2013 г.
The Lord's Prayer04.10.2013 г.
The Love Inside04.10.2013 г.
The Main Event'Fight04.10.2013 г.
The Man I Love04.10.2013 г.
The Man That Got Away04.10.2013 г.
The Moon And I (demo version)04.10.2013 г.
The Music Of The Night (with Michael Crawford)04.10.2013 г.
The Music That Makes Me Dance04.10.2013 г.
The Nearness Of You04.10.2013 г.
The Places You Find Love04.10.2013 г.
The Shadow Of Your Smile04.10.2013 г.
The Singer04.10.2013 г.
The Summer Knows04.10.2013 г.
The Water Is Wide'River Deep04.10.2013 г.
The Way He Makes Me Feel04.10.2013 г.
The Way We Were04.10.2013 г.
The Way We Where05.09.2013 г.
The World Is A Concerto'Make Your Own Kind Of Music04.10.2013 г.
Therapist Dialogue #104.10.2013 г.
Therapist Dialogue #204.10.2013 г.
Therapist Dialogue #304.10.2013 г.
Till I Loved You05.09.2013 г.
Till I Loved You (with Don Johnson)04.10.2013 г.
Time And Love04.10.2013 г.
Time Machine04.10.2013 г.
Tomorrow04.10.2013 г.
Two People04.10.2013 г.
Until It's Time For You To Go04.10.2013 г.
Value04.10.2013 г.
Verschwiegene Liebe04.10.2013 г.
Warm All Over04.10.2013 г.
We Must Be Loving Right04.10.2013 г.
We're Not Makin' Love Anymore04.10.2013 г.
We've Only Just Begun04.10.2013 г.
Wet04.10.2013 г.
What About Today?04.10.2013 г.
What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Life?04.10.2013 г.
What Kind Of Fool05.09.2013 г.
What Kind Of Fool (with Barry Gibb)04.10.2013 г.
What Now My Love04.10.2013 г.
What Were We Thinking Of04.10.2013 г.
When I Dream04.10.2013 г.
When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do)04.10.2013 г.
When The Sun Comes Out04.10.2013 г.
Where Is The Wonder?04.10.2013 г.
Where You Lead04.10.2013 г.
Where's That Rainbow?04.10.2013 г.
White Christmas04.10.2013 г.
Who Will Buy?04.10.2013 г.
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf04.10.2013 г.
Why Did I Choose You?04.10.2013 г.
Why Let It Go?04.10.2013 г.
Widescreen04.10.2013 г.
Will He Like Me?04.10.2013 г.
With A Little Help From My Friends04.10.2013 г.
With One Look04.10.2013 г.
Woman In Love04.10.2013 г.
Yentl Medley04.10.2013 г.
You And I04.10.2013 г.
You And Me For Always04.10.2013 г.
You Don't Bring Me Flowes (with Neil Diamond)04.10.2013 г.
You Wanna Bet04.10.2013 г.
You'll Never Know (1955)04.10.2013 г.
You'll Never Walk Alone04.10.2013 г.
You're A Step In The Right Direction04.10.2013 г.
You're The Top04.10.2013 г.
You've Got A Friend04.10.2013 г.
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