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English. Band De Soleil. Текст песни The Gathering.

Текст (слова) песни «The Gathering»

I want you to come with us
have a good time with us
come sing and dance 'neath the stars
come have a laugh with us
come raise your glass with us
come and do nothing at all
we request your presence
and if you will let us
we'll make you feel just like a king
we've rolled out the carpet
and sent for the carriage
your smile is all that you must bring
We're waiting for you to come

out of the blue
we're hoping it won't be too long
I've a smile you can borrow
a bucket for sorrow
you butchers, you bakers
you candlestick makers
Poets, prophets, and priests
consider it mild to come play like a child
come one, come all and you'll see
It's your invitation to come to the Gathering

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