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English. Ball In The House. Текст песни Ask.

Текст (слова) песни «Ask»

Verse 1:
So many times when I lost my faith
You picked me up without falling a step behind
And when you tested the way and it wasn't safe
I held your hand all the way to the other side

And know I'm standing right in front of you
And I can see all the fear behind your eyes
You have this moment to live as you wanted to
To shrug off a world of saving lies

I know we don't know the road
We're all we've got, story's told
And I will always be there by your side

I will give you my life
It's only real when you're in it
And everything that you want
Just say the word and I'll begin it
There's no reason to cry
Now that we've come here at last
And if you want everything I have
All you have to do is ask

Verse 2:
You'll never know if you're lost or saved
Until the miles have passed and the days have gone
You'll never pull yourself up from the walls you've raised

Unless you climb to the top and look out beyond

And now I'm standing right in front of you
And all the fear has fallen down
We have these moments to live as we wanted to
To step out from the shadows on the ground


Don't be afraid of what's behind you
You don't have to wait 'till every door is closed
There's never a right way or a wrong one
There's just a road less traveled
You're not alone I will be with you
I will give you my life

(Chorus with added lines)
I will give you my life
And anything you want I will give you
You're my world
Don't Cry
Oh, and if you want everything I have
All you have to do is ask

Just ask me now, come on now, come on now girl, come now, yeah

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