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English. AB Logic. Текст песни The Real World.

Текст (слова) песни «The Real World»

Is it reality or not.
We don't .................. in the bad times
In the real world the sun don't shine and so they say
Just maybe another madman going crazy
I'm trying to walk, I'm trying to ...........
Mama said that real life is hard
But I will make it to the dark
It's the sorrow for tomorrow
Cause you're gonna break my heart again
I'm gonna borrow some of the sorrow
Gonna break my heart again
Is this the real world or is it a dream
Or just the way you make me feel
Is this the real world or just a dream
That I will never see
Another day brings a day to survive
Open your eyes, realize.

Escape the darkness, see the light
Yeah, you gotta do what's right
If you live for tomorrow then put your hands up
Don't .................. we're gonna make it together forever
Through stormy weather in the real world
It's the sorrow for tomorrow...
Come to the real world, step to the real world
Finally I made three wishes
I can't stop this crazy feelings
The sorrow put me in the bad moods
Another man with the broken heart
Now I'm left oh hopeless
If I slipped then my feet is gone
Hold up, I'm back on my two feet.
Snap ! It was a dream

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