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English. Aaron Benward. Текст песни Salt.

Текст (слова) песни «Salt»

i smile
i cry
i breathe
you are good
you give
i tak e
life moves
ends too soon
there's a never ending passion running in my veins
and i'm drunk on its conviction
and i savor every taste
i want to be salt
salt of the earth
then you can rain down your living water
and quench the thirst
take my best and all my faults
grind them up and make me salt
lord, make me salt they work

they dream
they hope
like i do
they need
they strive
life's hard without you
it slowly kills a part of me
your words not heard
so use what you can of me to help preserve
the good that's in this world
it won't be easy
cause nothing that matters ever is
so i will let go
swallow all my pride and comfort
i promise you
i won't be watered down

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